Monday, February 06, 2012

February 6th, 2012

Yesterday we celebrated my baby girls' 12th birthday...
Turkey dinner with all the trimmings and the birthday cake was delicious :)
Laughter filled our home, games played, movies watched.
It was a blessed time to celebrate with the ones we hold dear to our heart.

As I walked from picking up supplies earlier today I had realized and wondered
'Where has all the time gone?, have I missed something, she was a baby she's grown, Where has the time gone?'

My girl is growing into a fine young lady, with a great head on her shoulders.
She's intelligent, bold and has already discovered who she really is.
I'm very proud of her...
Proud that she can stand on her own for the things she believes in, she's very independent and can do so many things on her own from making a delicious home cooked meal, laundry and taking care of her dog. Her baby, pepper.
She's so wise, and often tells me the things that she has come to understand, epiphanies she's had, and shares all her hopes & dreams.
When things go wrong, she sees them as stepping stones...
She said to me one day... "I see the good in things, even when when things dont go right"
My lil optimist :) I love her dearly. <3
My love for her is infinite.

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